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GOT QUESTIONS? We have a list of answers to better equip you for your BAYDREAMS Adventure. Click on the questions below to find out more.

If you have any queries, by all means contact us on the home page, or email us at [email protected]


+Is Bay Dreams R18?

-Yes, Bay Dreams is strictly R18, you must bring valid ID such as an NZ license, Passport (any) or 18+ Card

+If I am under 18 can I come with a parent / caregiver or someone who is 18?

No sorry, Bay Dreams is strictly R18.

+What if it’s my Birthday 3,5,10,17 days after the festival?

Still no sorry it’s R18

+Is Bay Dreams BYO?

No Bay Dreams is not a BYO event we will have licensed bars in the festival

+What time do gates open on Jan 1st pre-party?

Doors will open at 5pm

+What time does Jan 1st Finish?

The Jan 1st event finishes at 1am

+What time does Jan 2nd Finish?

-10.30pm Festival finishes

+Will there be buses picking people up around the area and taking them to / from the festival

Buses will be picking up from Blake Park at the Mount, Parton Road Papamoa, City Centre and the Windermere Polytech Campus. Buses will start at 10.30am and return back to the bus pick up locations from 8.30pm

+Can we bring in our own bottled water, non-alcoholic drinks & food?

You can bring in an empty water bottle to be fillled at the water stations that will be located within the festival. There will be food and non-alcoholic drinks available to purchase inside the festival

+Can we come & go from the festival?

No, Unfortunately Bay Dreams doesn’t do pass outs, once you’re out you’re out

+Is there onsite parking for festival goers who aren’t camping?

No, the only parking onsite will be for camping ticket holders

+Is Bay Dreams wheelchair accessible?

The festival will be held on a hard surface and we have accessible facilities

+I have already purchased my festival ticket but forgot to add on the pre-party ticket, Can I still do it? If so how?

Log in to your Ticket Fairy account that your Bay Dreams tickets are in, go to tickets and the add add ons, here you can add on the pre party (Jan 1st ) and also camping Jan 1st & Jan 2nd.

+Is a name change necessary? Yes, your ID will be checked at the gate +How do I do a name change?

you can do this this through your Ticket Fairy account. Or email [email protected] and they can help you out!


+Do you bring your own tent?

-Yes, you bring your own tent with you, however we will have tents available at the general store along with sleeping bags and airbeds.

+Can we bring alcohol

-No, Dream City is not a BYO campground – we will have a licensed bar in the campgrounds & also in the festival.

+What time does camping check in open & close?

Jan 1st – 10am
Jan 2nd – 7am

+What time do we have to be out of the campgrounds on the 3rd?

You will have to be out by midday

+What facilities are in the campgrounds?

We have warm showers, toilets & a powder tent a general store and central entertainment hub

+Can Campers come & go between cars + campgrounds?

Yes, but you will need to go through another search process on reentry

+Can we take our vehicles out whenever we want?

Jan 1st – yes but your vehicle will be searched again as it come on site
Jan 2nd – no as we need to lock down the site to allow the set up for the festival to be completed but we will have a shuttle van that runs between Bayfair and the camp ground

+How will Bay Dream ensure my belongings are safe?

Security will be positioned around Dream City but Bay Dreams takes no responsibility for your personal items. Please leave your valuables at home.

+Are vehicles allowed in the campground? - camper vans, sleep in car.

Dream City is a tent only campsite, for safety reasons we need anyone sleeping on site to be in Dream City so it is not possible for sleeping in cars or in camper vans

+Is Dream City wheelchair accessible?

There will be a drop off area on a hard surface for dream city and accessible toilets and shower facilities available

+Can we bring in our own bottled water, nonalcoholic drinks & snacks?

Snacks are all good! We will however have a general store on site which will sell snacks
You can bring in empty water bottles – we have fresh water onsite for you to fill them up with. You can also purchase bottled water onsite.

+Are there designated camping spots assigned to our tickets?

Nope! You can set your tent up where you like in the campground, we will have ushers on the day showing you where you can set up! If you want to camp next to your mates, then make sure you car pool so you check in at the same time!

+How big are the camping spots? -What size tents are allowed?

We don’t have any set limits but if you are camping on your own we don’t want you to bring a 10-person tent

+I have already purchased my festival ticket but forgot to add on camping? Can I still do it? If so how?

Just log back into your Ticket Fairy account, go to your tickets & then add add ons through there!

INFO on Shuttle busses to Bayfair

-On the morning on the 2nd a shuttle will operate between the festival and Bayfair. Buses to the city centre and the Mount can be caught from here.

Drop and Ride Bus Locations and key traffic detail

Key Information

Key Info:
No parking is available on site for the festival, the best way to get to the site is on the buses running from 4 main drop and ride locations
Buses will start at 10.30am from each location and the last buses to Baypark will finish at 4.30pm, there will not be a set schedule, but buses will travel to Baypark and back once they’re full
Buses will return to the drop and ride locations from 8.30pm and will continue until everyone is clear from the site
Bay Dreams takes no responsibility for any vehicles parked onto site at the transport centres
Tickets on the bus will cost $10 and staff on site will check your ticket so to make your trip as smooth as possible make sure you have purchased the bus add on prior

Link to buy Bus Pass Tickets HERE:

Drop & Ride bus locations: Kawaka Street, outside the High-Performance Centre at Blake Park, Mt Maunganui


Drop & Ride bus locations: Toi – Ohomai Polytech Windermere Campus – access from SH29a

From Hamilton, take the first exit of the Poike Road & SH29a roundabout, turn right onto Windermere Drive and follow the signage to the parking area


Drop & Ride bus locations: Outside the Gordon Spratt Reserve on Parton Road, Papamoa

Drop & Ride bus locations: City Centre, at the main bus stop on Spring Street outside Tauranga City Library.

Camping Parking only, access to the site from Sandhurst Interchange, turn left into Truman Lane

BAYDREAMS Terms & Conditions


Terms and Conditions


For the comfort, safety and enjoyment of all patrons, Management reserve the right to remove or refuse entry to any patrons, without refund whom:


  • are deemed to be intoxicated and / or disorderly
  • are unauthorised or persons attempting to entre entre enter restricted areas
  • refuses to have a bag / person or car search conducted
  • are carrying items which are deemed to have the potential to cause injury or public nuisance (ie. Large flags, banners, umbrellas or musical instruments)
  • holding a ticket purchased through an unauthorised seller
  • participates in dangerous activities such as stage diving, crowd surfing or climbing of any structure
  • Have been issued with a Trespass Notice that still applies


Patrons who cause a disturbance or refuse to comply with requests made by Event Organisers / Security staff will be evicted from the venue


  • Pass outs will not be issued (campers will be allowed to return to the camp ground)
  • Alcoholic beverages will not be permitted to leave the site or to enter the camp ground from the main festival
  • Personal items brought into the festival will be at the owner’s own risk
  • Management will not be held responsible for loss or damage to any personal property
  • Unauthorised soliciting and customer survey is not permitted
  • Customers are not permitted to throw items


What can’t I bring into the festival:

  • Alcohol, drugs or drug paraphernalia
  • Commercial food & beverage
  • Fireworks, explosives or flares
  • Laser Pointers
  • Weapons or any item that could be used as a weapon
  • Gang Patches
  • Professional camera, video equipment or drones
  • Audio recording devices for commercial purposes
  • Umbrellas bigger than 1m
  • Any other dangerous item that could cause injury
  • Aerosol products / cans
  • Air Horns
  • Chairs or chilli bins
  • Flyers, samples, giveaways or promotional items
  • Kites, hula hoops, skate boards, scooters or hoverboards
  • Sharpies, Markers or permanent pens
  • Tarps, tent or sleeping bag
  • Hi Viz vests or jackets that may be confused with security or event staff
  • Toy guns, water guns or sling sots
  • Pets – except seeing eye dogs
  • BBQ or cooking equipment


What can I bring into the festival:

  • Sealed or empty bottles of water
  • Personal cameras & go pro
  • Hand sanitizer and baby wipes
  • Mobile phone and charger
  • Sunblock & sunglasses


What can I bring into Dream City:

  • Hammers made from rubber or wood
  • Mobile phone and charger
  • Manual air pump
  • Small hand-held mirrors & personal toiletry items
  • Snacks and empty water bottle  


What can’t I bring into Dream City:

  • Alcohol, drugs or drug paraphernalia
  • Beverages
  • Fireworks, explosives or flares
  • Laser Pointers
  • Weapons or any item that could be used as a weapon
  • Gang Patches
  • Professional camera, video equipment or drones
  • Any other dangerous item that could cause injury
  • Air Horns
  • Flyers, samples, giveaways or promotional items
  • Sharpies, Markers or permanent pens
  • Toy guns, water guns or sling sots
  • Pets – except seeing eye dogs
  • BBQ or cooking equipment