Safe space


Our safe space policy encompasses our values, and has been developed in conjunction with our staff training and artist contracts. Therefore, you can be assured that everyone on site in a professional capacity has read, agreed to, and will be accountable to adhere to this policy.

This safe space policy is all about creating an open and welcoming environment at Bay Dreams so that you feel comfortable to participate 

This policy applies to staff, attendees, artists, suppliers and contractors - everyone is seen as equal.

We value you all.


We are committed to upholding a zero tolerance policy towards any form of harassment, and we hope that this page educates you to know what to do if you ever feel harassed in any way whilst at Bay Dreams.

This safe space policy is a commitment we are making to you, and we promise to uphold it.

We believe you should be free of any form of intimidation, harassment, unwelcome sexual intimidation, discrimination or prejudice on the grounds of age, disability, race, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, body size, or any other distinction. 

We do not condone intimidation in any form. 

We do not accept intoxication or ignorance as an excuse for unacceptable behaviour. 

We will never victim blame and understand that the survivor is never responsible.

We are committed to placing the safety of our employees, contractors, attendees and public above all else.


We have engaged and continue to work with one of NZ’s leading security companies to partner with Bay Dreams, with guards fully trained in intox management and conflict resolution.


Asking for Angela/ Andrew is a discreet way of telling our staff that you are feeling harassed in some way whilst at Bay Dreams. Our event and security staff know that if an attendee asks for Angela or Andrew, this means they are distressed and need assistance. Our event staff will discreetly get you to a safe space to support you in choosing how you would like to proceed. Please know that if you are being made to feel intimidated by anyone or anything while you are at Bay Dreams, you can report that to us anonymously.


You can find a safe space with Deep Space, who are located next to the main medical tent near the entrance of Bay Dreams. The team at Deep Space will give you space and support if you require it, they will also be able to elevate any issues to management if required.


Bay Dreams is committed to creating a diverse programme that represents a broad spectrum of artists. Our staff are being trained with input from Tautoko Mai.


Bay Dreams 2022 is brought to you by Trademark Live Ltd, a company which believes in integrity first. Our vision is to provide Aotearoa with iconic festivals that inspire you to dream.